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FATAL FLAW is here!

Fatal Flaw is finally here, releasing tomorrow, December 1st.

This is my first book in the thriller genre and I'm more than a little nervous about how it will be received. If you grab a copy, please leave a review (a good one!) as it really helps with ranking and sales. And I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

Here's the blurb:

In the 20th century mankind discovered controversial new ways to create life but now a wave of mysterious deaths is suddenly sweeping across America.

Is it God’s plan? An outcome of medical experimentation that was always possible? Or something even more sinister?

Notorious LA detective Dominic Santino is desperate to stay out of the public gaze but the unexplained death of a friend’s nephew drags him into the most puzzling and lethal investigation of his chequered career.

Despite his reputation for solving the most difficult cases, the seasoned detective is baffled by a trail of seemingly-healthy victims. With no apparent evidence of criminal foul play, Santino enlists the help of a renowned geneticist, the intriguing Dr Arnya Sloane.

With the body count rising, Santino and Sloane race against time to stop the media, Big Pharma and the FBI from burying the truth along with the mounting dead.

With 5 million lives in the balance, one family’s private misery provides the crucial clue that links all the deaths – but is it too late?

A relentless cop and a brilliant doctor are thrown together by powerful forces and an old enemy in this page-turning thriller about giving life, taking life and getting rich at any cost.

Paperback and ebook are available from:


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