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My first book 'Confetti Confidential - They Do, I Don't' came somewhat by surprise. I had always had secret aspirations as a writer, but had settled quite contently as a marriage celebrant, professional development trainer, Government employee and of course, wife and mother. Writing became something I did when I was frustrated, happy or just needed an outlet.

When I decided to go back to university at the ripe old age of 34, choosing a course almost drove me to drink (not that I needed much pushing). Law seemed like the 'right' and obvious choice given that I had worked in a legal department for 15 years, but something kept drawing me towards a writing degree. Deciding that I could always switch to law later, I decided on a Bachelor of Writing and Creative Communication with the University of South Australia.

Keen and eager to become a writer, I threw myself wholeheartedly into the course, but a year later I was feeling frustrated and completely unfulfilled by the lack of any creativity within the course structure. And that is when fate (at least I think it was fate or possibly Facebook) intervened and landed me on the page of a very talented and well respected local writer, Fiona McIntosh.

Fiona's Masterclass promised to delve into the real world of being a writer and reveal the secrets that most of us who were knee deep in notebooks were desperate to know. I paid my money and prepared to be dazzled.

Was I dazzled you might ask? Hell yes!

I came to the Masterclass feeling strongly that I was one kind of writer, only to be told by Fiona that I was very much a different kind. I'd had no intention of writing about weddings or being a celebrant and all of the madness that came along with it. I was there to write a thriller, but my characters aparently sucked!

After 4 days of being pushed, tested, applauded and congratulated, I left the masterclass filled with not only an idea, but an enthusiasm that was contagious. I went home and in 3 short months had written 'Confetti Confidential' and secured a contract with Harper Collins.

I still feel as if i'm waiting for someone to come and tell me it's all been a terrible mistake!


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