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5 stars


This book was hard to put down. I really enjoyed reading this book from Susan. This book had more activity than war books I have read. This story is a good combination of comedy and sadness. Susan has developed a family that I wish I had. They fight and get upset but always band together in hard times. There are some spoilers but the best is at the end. I won't give up so get the book to find out the ending. I hope you choose to read this book.


4 stars


Ten weddings and a funeral.

Viv is a marriage celebrant and after her own marriage falls apart, becomes disillusioned with the idea of marriage. She honors the weddings she has already committed to and we get to meet a variety of interesting characters.

Is it too late for Viv to work things out with her husband or is there a new love on her horizon?

I liked Viv and her sisters. The romance plot was balanced out with other deeper issues so wasn't too light and fluffy. A debut novel by an Australian author. It was not full of Australian references, which may help it feel more universally relatable.

I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review



5 stars


Okay, before I write this review I have to own up to the fact I know the author of this book. Despite that, initially I wasn't sure if I would read it (I mean "chick lit" - ye gads) and so I gave it to my wife. She kept laughing out loud as she read it in bed. She loved it. So I got curious and started reading. Turns out I did like this book, a lot. It was a crazy, fun read, great characters and a really cool premise. I would describe it as a cross between Sex and the City and The Wedding Planner. I may even read chick lit again!! Good lord, what is happening to me???


3 stars


I received the book in exchange for a review. When the story started I thought another boring house wife book. But Viv is so funny and likeable tons of laugh out loud moments. A really nice story with turns out well with two people that belong together.


5 stars

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Beautiful book Viv is such a delightfully warm and relatable character. I thoroughly enjoyed her journey of heart break and self discovery. Susan you are a wonderful author and i look forward to reading your next book!!


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